Time to Reflect…


I thought this was a good “Reflection” photo representative of looking back on where we’ve been!  For me, the week 3 readings shed light on an important aspect of course design, understanding the role culture plays.  I do, however, think the term “culture” is very broad, and it can certainly include the embedded culture we see in different professions as well.  

For me, this week really boiled down to a good strategy on researching learner characteristics as you develop your course.  If you do some solid research and design your course with the “culture” in mind, you can’t go wrong.

On a personal note, it’s been a tough week because all my kids are out of school for the summer and my wife, Julie, and I obviously want to spend time with them.  So I find myself posting and reading at all  hours!  School is back in session in a couple weeks, maybe some “normalcy” when come my way??




About leadingcops

Greetings! I am a 20 year law enforcement veteran, with most of my time spent training peace officers. I started in patrol and have worked a range of assignments, including Internal Affairs and Risk Management before I took over as commander of our regional academy program. Please let me know if there is anything I can assist with during this class!
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3 Responses to Time to Reflect…

  1. Datta Kaur says:

    Jim, ah, know how the activity in a household can be distracting. Been there:)! I did appreciate how much insight you added to our discussion this week and now I see that your team has created a lovely blog. Yes, the image adds much to what you are doing here – well done – and thanks for being supportive to a strong course team. ~ Datta Kaur

  2. leadingcops says:

    Tks Kathi! I always appreciate having you as a team-mate…without question, you’re always one I know will be up and posting/replying in no time flat! It’s great to see you’re also so involved in getting this program done…here’s to Fall graduation!!!


  3. kmyers7 says:

    Jim, I love this picture. I’m glad you feel a peaceful, calm feeling as you reflect (by the looks of the picture). I looked for a woman pulling her hair out with a frantic look on her face a midst a mountain of papers and books to portray my reflective state…LOL.

    You do amazing work in your classes, so thorough and detailed, in spite of your personal schedule with your family. I’m always impressed with your ability to focus and do great research (as was your emphasis for the week).

    Here’s to another week!! Thanks for being such an important part of our team and for staying connected.


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