Christine’s Week 4 Reading/Viewing

I, too, enjoyed viewing the Virtual Choir video.  What an awesome way to use collaboration online!

I learned a lot about Thinklets, and ended up doing independent research building on the article in our readings just to clarify the concept.  This is the best definition that I found:

“Thinklets are cognitive tools that provide thinking stimuli to enhance natural human thinking effectiveness. In its purest sense a Thinklet can be as simple as “asking the perfect question at the perfect time.” Or, expert “facilitation” questions embedded in traditional thinking techniques, templates and worksheets.   Using Thinklets for knowledge-workers follow the same principle as using physical tools for manual-workers: choose the tool appropriate for the task at hand.”

The whole concept of “collaboration engineering” was fascinating.  OF COURSE we, as online instructors/facilitators/etc;, can guide our students in the direction of having the most meaningful collaboration!  Aha!  For me, as I design my online course for elementary teachers, I need to keep in mind that my students will be more motivated if their collaboration is meaningful to them.  Great readings this week!


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One Response to Christine’s Week 4 Reading/Viewing

  1. leadingcops says:

    When I read over the article on Thinklets the first thing that came to mind is good facilitation and critical thinking…socratic questioning and all that stuff. Great article!

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