Week 4 Readings & Reflections

Was it just me or was the reading this week just a bit lighter???

I really enjoyed this weeks articles because they are really focused on what I want to do with my course, teaching leadership through online learning. I found “5 tips to establishing a virtual team” pretty informative with some great suggestions, but in it the author indicates you should “choose” an experienced leader. Well, most of my students will be new to the leadership realm, so in my case I am going to put students into a leadership role of having to motivate their peers and lead by example, and figure out ways on how to motivate the less than motivated students. I actually found another site outside of our readings that was helpful in getting ideas for learning activities I can use for the course, and hopefully use them as a springboard for leadership training:


As for my reflections of this week, I’ve been having a great time with my wife of almost 20 years and our 3 kids.  Every year we take a trip out to Wyoming to see my inlaws (yes, I actually like them!) It’s been great doing lots of fishing, riding, and on and on in the mountains…But most of all, it’s been great being with my family and sharing great memories together.  So, over the past few days I’ve been visiting all of you “online” through an open internet satellite connection at one of the lodges, then a couple times this week I’ve come down to “real internet” in town to get my work done.  It’s funny because if I don’t log in at least once or twice a day I start feeling behind.  We are heading home Monday, and the kids go back to school soon.  Then for me, back to work and finalizing my course.  And most of all, I submitted my application for graduation after Fall semester!!!



About leadingcops

Greetings! I am a 20 year law enforcement veteran, with most of my time spent training peace officers. I started in patrol and have worked a range of assignments, including Internal Affairs and Risk Management before I took over as commander of our regional academy program. Please let me know if there is anything I can assist with during this class!
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