Tish’s Weekly Reading

Ok guys, I made pages for us to put our post so our front page would be organized.
 (LOL) Then I see all your post  here and think,
this is the best place !!!!
Other people might not make the other 2 clicks to find our new reading summaries, so much for ” over thinking.”

Tish’s Reading Post

I listened to the Virtual Choir and it was amazing and after that YouTube other ones with Eric Whitacre were listed and I listened to them.  This is an awesome use of asynchronous collaboration that truly “steps out of the box.”

I also read “How the Web changes Work, Education, and the Ways People Learn.”  It is a great article that I could relate some of our training concepts using Bb Collaborate.  I liked the fact that they used 15 year olds, I usually get our office student work studies to go through our training manuals before we sent them out.  I also liked that the article stated to relate what you training as a story using the Xerox example.  We try to make associations with our training and how an instructor or student can use the content in a real scenario.  The conclusion is what we want our online community to be a “using technology to support relationships between individuals.”

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One Response to Tish’s Weekly Reading

  1. leadingcops says:

    Sorry Tish, but yeah, it’s all good! I was thinking of 6780 and navigation!

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