Week 4 Reflections, or 2 courses at once is a doozy…

Hi, friends!

This week I am really struggling to keep my two courses straight.  There is just enough overlap that I am getting confused!  Also, 6706 is proving to be a bit of a challenge with only four of us in the course.  It really limits the discussion, and the topics of my peers are way beyond me so I’m struggling to comment and/or offer suggestions… I feel like I’m chiming in in all the wrong places.

The midterm for this course is also boggling my mind a little bit.  Dr. K suggested I narrow my topic, so I’m going to focus on blended learning communities for teachers (Dr. K said this will work, as it has an online learning part).  I think the challenge is that I’m working on my literature review in 6706 which is very academic, and then for this course she has encouraged us to write for a less academic audience.  I just feel all over the place.  Any tips for keeping things straight and surviving 6706?


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2 Responses to Week 4 Reflections, or 2 courses at once is a doozy…

  1. leadingcops says:

    Hi Christine!

    My 3 kids are always pulling at me to get off the computer, cant imagine how you’re doing it with a newborn! 6706 was a tough class but the instructor helps out tremendously, it was a great learning experience for me!


  2. tish21 says:

    Please don’t feel alone; we (Jim, Kathi, and I) are in 2 classes with 2 group projects this week and having a hard time keeping everything organized and on task. I could not handle these 2 courses with you and those 2. Y’all have been great team members in every way. We can see the “finish line”, just keep taking one assignment at the time.

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