Kathi’s Week 4 Reflection

Am I in the right course? I’ve made more mistakes getting my postings to the right classmates straight than I ever have in the past. I’m in a group in another class that is using Sync In to post our individual drafts to compile for a group project. I accidentally suggested Christine use Sync In (wrong class) to post her midterm outline/title draft. I’m still laughing about that.

This week’s reading assignments were interesting (even though we didn’t have to use the info gleaned for assignment postings). I’m saving many as bookmarks for later use. There were many key points to highlight, for me. Information on facilitating a virtual meeting was very interesting, mainly, because I’ve not practiced some of the recommended suggestions (like planning for obstacles, etc.).

Maybe this week, we can have our blog organized so that we can post, originally, under the category that is appropriate, instead of always the home page. Novel idea!! I have great ideas with minimal expertise. Isn’t that always how it happens?

I’ve been collecting resources for use in my midterm paper. I appreciate links suggested by Christine and Tish that I’ve saved.

Moving right along and looking forward to a great week next week!!!



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2 Responses to Kathi’s Week 4 Reflection

  1. Christine says:

    At least I’m not the only one mixed up! LOL! When you said something about Sync In I immediately thought, “ok, what did I miss!?” We’ll make it through! Thanks for all the support, guys!

  2. leadingcops says:

    Good work this week Kathi and can’t wait for graduation time next semester! I know what you mean about mixing up classes, I have a whole host of stuff that supposed to be in a documents folder for 6780 and instead in this class, and vice versa…. Then again, maybe it’s old age for me??? !

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