Tish’s week 4 Reflection

Week 4 Reflections:

The week was less stressful than last because I was back home and in my working “comfort zone” for these 2 courses.  It is my quiet office with 2 monitors and my virtual partner that I “Skype” with to keep me on track.

My stress came from my job this week because it is the last week of the summer term for our online courses and we have 4 proctoring centers running from 8 am until 8 pm.  We have had bad thunder storms most of the week and our electricity “blinked” a lot and that meant a lot of reset test, which in turn produces nervous, stressed out students.  Monday is the last day of exams !!!

I enjoyed the articles from this week because most of them have items that I can use in my course and pass on to my faculty.  Also the video was awesome and I will use it in my fall faculty meeting.

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