Week 5 Reflections & Readings

I mentioned this when I just posted my midterm draft, but I’ll say it again: can you believe we’re halfway through the quarter?!  This week I actually really enjoyed putting my midterm article together.  I learned a lot, and as I told my husband, I think my article is actually pretty good!  I hope there are some teachers out there who will find it interesting and informative.  I am looking forward to getting some feedback, editing it, and submitting it for publication!

The readings were interesting, but I found the article on motivating contributions in online communities to be the most interesting.  My favorite quote from the article regarded the salience of uniqueness.

The collective effort model posits that people will socially loaf less when they perceive that their contribution is important to the group [13]. If they believe that their contributions are redundant with what others in the group can offer, then their contribution is unlikely to influence the group’s outcome. Conversely, if they think they are unique, they should be more motivated to contribute, because their contributions have a larger chance of influencing the outcome that they value.

I find this concept very interesting, and am wondering how it will affect my online course which is a professional development module for teachers.  I am designing the course as an online teacher learning community for educators to come together to collaborate on implementation of the Common Core State Standards.  How will I make sure all community members feels that their contribution is important as we all take the maiden voyage of the CCSS together?


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One Response to Week 5 Reflections & Readings

  1. leadingcops says:

    Good post Christine! And yes, the quarter has gone by pretty quickly! I think your quote is “spot on” and demonstrative of the need to ensure for a healthy virtual team environment. If one of the group feels left out, they will likely throw up their hands and let others take the lead…question is, how to keep everyone motivated and interested? For your course, I think if each student can bring something in from the class they teach, that will make them feel as though the curriculum is closer to home, and maybe (or maybe not!) that will help keep them in check…

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