Final Project

Ok, tks to Kathi she is getting us moving toward the final project.  I think we are moving toward a topic in mobile learning for our final project…Here is the info Kathi pasted for our week 6 goals:

Week 6 Checklist
You have completed Week 6 assignments, if you have done the following-

1) Provided feedback to your classmates’ midterms in the proper discussion area.
2) Actively engaged with your team to prepare-

Team guidelines
Team final paper/project timeframe Team roles
Final project outline
Resources (optional)

3) Had one team member post the time frame, roles and guidelines to the proper discussion area.
4) Posted an update in your blog.
5) Participated in the discussion area according to the directions and the discussion rubric.

I think we have the guidelines for our group expectations dialed in, my thought is we need to dial in the team roles…Anyone want to start the volunteer process?  I can do anything the group needs…



About leadingcops

Greetings! I am a 20 year law enforcement veteran, with most of my time spent training peace officers. I started in patrol and have worked a range of assignments, including Internal Affairs and Risk Management before I took over as commander of our regional academy program. Please let me know if there is anything I can assist with during this class!
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3 Responses to Final Project

  1. Kathi says:

    OK, focusing on mLearning, I can post an annotated bibliography using all the references I used for my midterm (many more than I used). If one of you can come up with an outline and ending with what’s ahead for mLearning (just a thought). Maybe Jim or Christine can create the website, Tish can dig deep with researching the bibliography I post. Then, maybe Christine can compile our drafts into the website and leave the final editing for Jim. There…just throwing out some ideas to keep moving forward. Please respond with suggestions/ideas…thanks y’all!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a great team plan. I will be glad to not only do research of our topic but also find graphics for the website.
    Y’all are the best team.

  3. Kathi says:

    I’ll step up to the plate!! I will be happy to post our guidelines, roles, and time frame (after we decide) to the proper discussion area. My idea of roles would be all of us contributing editors and you, Jim, be the Final Editor.


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