Annotated Bibliography for Final Project Paper List A

Here ya go, y’all…I’ll post List B later. This is a start, though.

Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources – Upside Learning Blog

A collection of the best on mobile learning;source=mlearning-trends

Great free #book with 7 #mLearning scenario’s for adult education (free download)

This link gives a very comprehensive definition and explanation of mobile learning

This is a fantastic link to huge amounts of mobile learning information…many focuses and topics:

“The Worldwide Market for Mobile Learning Products and Services: 2010–2015 Forecast and Analysis,”

in Ambient Insight’s 2010–2015 Worldwide Market Forecast for Mobile Learning Products and Services, September 2011


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3 Responses to Annotated Bibliography for Final Project Paper List A

  1. Ally B. says:

    Too bad that some of the links are not working, i don’t know if it is just my browser’s problem. the academic advantage of these resources are very promising.

  2. Kathi says:

    Something isn’t working right…I posted List B from a different computer and it’s not showing up…? I’ll repost tomorrow morning from the same computer (don’t have the document on this computer) as originally used. Sorry, guys.


  3. Kathi says:

    Here is the annotated bibliography List B:

    A site that actually builds the mobile apps for online learning…great info to browse or get a free trial

    10 of the best apps for education | eSchool News

    Great site for predictions, statistics on mLearning, incredible information and another free download ebook

    The latest apps news…cutting edge website

    Vodcasting and the Flipped Classroom

    Online Learning Laboratory – University of South Alabama


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