Final Project Timeline Suggestion

I propose that the annotated bibliography is posted by Thursday

Each person’s draft should be posted by Friday night so it can be compiled by Sunday a.m.

Final editing could be done and each of us proof the finale to post by Sunday deadline.

How does this sound? I know there are a lot of blanks to fill in, but this could give us a tentative target.


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4 Responses to Final Project Timeline Suggestion

  1. Kathi says:

    I was thinking of having the references posted by this Thursday, tomorrow. I like Christine’s idea and will post the references as soon as I can. I am open to suggestions that y’all think…I was just throwing out options to get us moving. Thanks for communicating so quickly and proactively. YEA US!!!


  2. Christine says:

    Ok, Kathi, you’re talking about final drafts of the material for the website? I’m a little confused.

    This is what I have compiled based on our communication so far:

    Team topic: Mobile Learning
    Team outline: MLearning Trends: How Mobile Learning is Affecting Online Communities (Project title idea?)
    Team roles: 1) Someone to set up the website (if that’s what we have chosen to do) and be webmaster (organize materials once they are written), 2) Someone to outline the topic, 3) Someone to gather resources (can I nominate Kathi, since you already have many sources from your article? Maybe you can forward us your reference list so we can work on choosing topics), 4) All to choose a hot topic to feature on our website (does this sound reasonable?)
    Team guidelines: How often do we want to check in?
    Team timeframe: This project is due at the end of Week 8 – we need a timeline for accomplishing tasks, but I think this will come as we assign parts of our outline. When do we want to post our topic choices? Does this Sunday, August 5, sound reasonable?

    Let me know if I’m way off base here!

    • leadingcops says:

      I like it! I will certainly help with the website if we want to go that route. I’m going to email a mind-map for your feedback, can’t upload it from here…

  3. leadingcops says:

    Thursday of next week? I think what we will need to do is wrap our heads around just what we want to do and narrow the playing field down a bit to a manageable view. I’m going to put together a little “mind map” in the morning with some thoughts and send it out for review and let me know what you guys think. Perhaps we can all take a segment of writing then wrap it up with some specific roles. Thoughts???


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