Kathi’s Week 6 Reading Summary

There is much to consider regarding Communication Barriers discussed by Nan Chico. It would be great if people and researchers could be as predictable as lab rats, but, like the saying goes: “When something is observed, it changes”. So goes communication research, in my opinion. There are more exceptions/barriers to communication than there are rules, it seems. Since communication is such a vital part of my life and to most people, I’m always looking for positive ways of speaking (virtually or literally) in ways that are the easiest for the most people to hear. The information given by Dr. Nan was interesting to ponder. How does communicating to bring about greater virtual community affect the way I want to present my, personal online course project? Is communication that important, really? I would yell “Yes”. If my goal is to influence and help the most people, helping online students feel comfortable with online communication is paramount to surviving in the virtual community.


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One Response to Kathi’s Week 6 Reading Summary

  1. cspeernewell says:

    I, too, found Dr. Chico’s discussion of communication barriers interesting. It got me thinking about the dynamics of the X-Y relationship. X-Y could be a student and instructor, or two students, and the potential communication barriers between those two scenarios could be very different! Just a thought… 🙂

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