Kathi’s Week 6 Reflections

This week has been, infinitely, better than last week. From the beginning of this week, I’ve felt incredible gratitude for this team. Our communication, respect for each others strengths (ignore any weaknesses…total denial), and “getter done”!! I look forward to how our final project will materialize and transform into the tool for virtual greatness that I foresee. Many surprising avenues will be utilized when our project is completed. Information and research will astound many unprepared educators. I look forward to this next week when we “4ge Ahead”. I don’t have dellusions of grandeur…I just have a clue about our topic and potential response when presented…it’s exciting!! Thanks to all of you for being such an inspiring team!!



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One Response to Kathi’s Week 6 Reflections

  1. tish21 says:

    I love to read you post, and I can feel your passion in your writing. You are a great motivator and cheerleader for our group. Thanks for always being there.

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