Tish’s week 6 Reflection and reading

There are no words to describe the heart felt support I have received from my team members this week.  I just have to say “Y’all are the best” and I could not have managed all the balls in the air this week if it had not been for your support.  The sisters are still here, but when your parents lived in the same house for 49 of their 54 years of marriage, there was and is a lot of stuff to sort.  Thankfully the sisters have to go home Monday, so things can get back to a fairly normal routine.

We have used Sloan Consortium articles for best practice for our training sessions and we have used their course evaluation tool with some modifications to evaluate our online courses.  In one of the articles I read “Strong Faculty Engagement in Online Learning APLU Reports” it discussed factors that concern faculty such as acceptance online classes as a wave of the future but expressing their concerns about student support services.  It showed that money was not the main reason faculty agreed to teach an online course but it was to reach a group of students who otherwise would not be able to take the course.  This article also listed as the two main barriers for instructor in teaching online courses were the additional effort to develop and teach the online course and concerns about the acceptance of online education.

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2 Responses to Tish’s week 6 Reflection and reading

  1. cspeernewell says:

    Tish, I don’t feel like I’ve been a very good team member, but all together, we seem to be trucking along. Seems like we’ve all got a lot of “balls in the air”!

    The barriers for online instructors hit close to home. More than once, I have had concerns about the acceptance of online education, especially in the K-12 sector. In fact, I sort of talked myself out of continuing my work on my 6th grade course, and moving to developing a professional development course as my final project.

    An interesting article showing some pros and cons of K-12 online education:

    • Kathi says:


      You are an awesome team player and I appreciate the skills and perspective you bring to the table!!

      I wish I could persuade you away from your decision to “dump K-12” online focus. If I could’ve had an online 6th grade experience, it could have changed my life, academically and socially. I really don’t care for statistics or numbers used to influence decisions (I’m skeptical since I’ve seen numbers prove anything with bias). My personal experience FAR outweighs most research and increases my passion about online capability for K-12 learners!! I’ll get off my soapbox, but if you want to be reignited, email me and I’ll elaborate more. I know that whatever course you decide to build, you’ll do awesome!!


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