Christine’s Week 6 Reflection

I almost forgot to post here since we have communicated so much this week via email!  This week has FLOWN by, as the weeks tend to do towards the end of the summer.  I have two weeks until school starts, so I have kicked it into high gear in my classroom.  This week in this course, it felt good to be done with the first draft of the midterm.  I felt like a little weight had been lifted!  Coming to an agreement for our group project so early in the week was a great boost in spirit, as well.  I continue to struggle with balancing two courses at once, but at more than halfway through the quarter, I think it’s safe to say I’m surviving.  In two weeks when school starts, you guys may have to pick me up off the floor!  The great thing about our group, is that I know you’ll be here to support me!  What a great community we have. 🙂

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2 Responses to Christine’s Week 6 Reflection

  1. Datta Kaur says:

    Christine, two courses are alot and then school on top! Hopefully by the time school starts your group will have most of the final project completed and ready for submission. Thank you for keeping up on this blog requirement with your reflections, which are certainly a pleasure to read. ~ Datta Kaur

  2. tish21 says:

    You are a great team member and always use your talents to the max. Last term was an adjustment for me to have two courses at the beginning also. We will see our goals completed !!

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