Tish’s week 7 reflections and reading

I have really learned a lot this week from our research for our project and the articles we have read for the “Futuristic Thinking”.  After reading Papert’s article, I could relate it to several articles and speakers I have heard in the last few years.  Papert thinking was ahead of his time then and now that students may not see the value in education now as they did in the past, because of the ever changing job market of skills needed for jobs.  Students also demand to be taught differently now because of the exposure to technology and instructors and institutions have got to understand these changes.

Also, I learned a lot from the discussion board this week from all the links and YouTubes everyone was sharing.  This class has really turned into a virtual learning community.

When working on our project this week, Jim sent an email that said something like “ if I don’t hear from you guys at least once a day, I feel disconnected” so I know we have connected more virtually than any f-2-f classmates would have.  We have a great project and I am proud of the product we are producing, so here are a few adjective that could be used: innovative, engaging, interactive, and fresh.

Thanks team members,


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One Response to Tish’s week 7 reflections and reading

  1. Kathi says:


    Your description of this past week is so point on!! All the links and videos on the discussion board were so pertinent and thought-provoking, for sure. I always appreciate your contribution in the class and as part of our team!!


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