Week 7 by Jim!

Well, to say week 7 has been busy would be an understatement!  Not only did we focus on readings, we also focused on “tweeking” our midterms a bit for submission, and we also have been working like CRAZY on our final project!  I couldn’t be happier with our group, we all talk daily (if not several times!) and we are very close to our finished project.  Teamwork has been outstanding, and I have sincerely enjoyed this project.

For this weeks readings, I read over Papert’s article and looked at some YouTube videos, I have to say starting out it was difficult to follow Mr. Papert until I sat back and took it all in. I really think he is a visionary for education, particularly when he discussed the way schools are focusing on standardized tests as a way of measuring student success. He very elegantly points out the fact that the world is changing, and the things we need to learn are changing constantly as well. Some of the jobs we all prepared for when we were younger are no longer viable, the younger generation is growing up in a digital world that is constantly evolving, and educators have to stay on the forefront to ensure that we are teaching what our students will need for future learning. I think, in a basic sense, Papert points to the computer as the evolution of learning and the keeper of knowledge, waiting to be unleashed in a practical sense within our education system. I found a pretty good YouTube video which puts some of this into perspective:


Does Papert have some points? I think so, I think he is turning to the computer as this box full of information waiting to be unlocked, in the appropriate fashion by skilled educators acting more as facilitators of learning. Do some of Papert’s views have implications for my course? I think so, simply because I have to realize and face the reality that I might not know “everything” that my students may need to know for their success in the future. So, I think this really supports more of a constructivist approach to course design, allowing our students the freedom to unlock their own potential.



About leadingcops

Greetings! I am a 20 year law enforcement veteran, with most of my time spent training peace officers. I started in patrol and have worked a range of assignments, including Internal Affairs and Risk Management before I took over as commander of our regional academy program. Please let me know if there is anything I can assist with during this class!
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3 Responses to Week 7 by Jim!

  1. tish21 says:

    Kathi is right, your summary of Papert article really helped me see what the author was trying to get across. Also our team is very fortunate to have you and the skills you bring to the table, thanks.


  2. leadingcops says:

    Thanks Kathi, but leadership is only as effective as the team!!!


  3. Kathi says:


    You are, totally, right on in your description of our group, your thoughts on our readings for this week, and your reflection/application of Papert’s article. Thanks for being such a great organizer for our team. Looking from the outside, it may be obvious, but I wanted to be sure that your skills and leadership were detailed and recognized!!
    Thanks for all your hard work this week, and throughout the term!!


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