Kathi’s Week 7 Reading Summary

I’m commenting on the article “Child Power: Keys to the New Learning of the Digital Century”. My oh my!! I shouldn’t be surprised that this article was written in 1998. As the author eluded, education is, definitely, not in lock step with society. I experienced a similar reaction as the author (so his sentiments are shared by my opinion…no shock) when trying to explain why my son should take subjects in school that seemed irrelevant. My main explanation was for “discipline” in doing something you don’t want to do.

Comparing our education system with the manufacturing of a car, seemed very appropriate to the mindset of traditional educators (old school). Segregating students in classrooms by age (not to mention race) is, apparently, not representing a progressive teaching mindset, for sure.

I, personally, agree that children (at any age) should be taught how to respond to situations not by wrote but by knowledge of how to handle situations not taught in school. This entire article, I’m sure, rattles the cages of many long-time educators. Thinking about change, at all, is maybe the reason our education system is so far behind our societal changes. Empowering children and motivating them to WANT to learn, especially in the K-12 area, is the challenge. Maybe having children learn from their own formed community would be a starting place. It seems that is what social media has become, for kids, anyway…a big community of peers.


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