Kathi’s Week 8 Reading Summary

This week’s reading on assessment stereotyping (my interpretation) with the accompanying statistics on extrovert/introvert behaviors, really puzzled me. First of all, I don’t “do” any type of profiling people by their looks, thinking, behavior, anything. In my opinion, statistics can prove any point wanting to be made. A perfect example of this is from the article where (paraphrased) putting three extroverts in a situation results the same as three introverts….go figure that. I’m sure that assessments are important, but, to me, only factors in the scope of an online course with great suspicion. In my past experience with online students, testing of any kind may result in “test-daze”…blanking out the knowledge they truly had.

The articles were interesting and worth the read, for sure.


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One Response to Kathi’s Week 8 Reading Summary

  1. tish21 says:

    You make a very good point and one that has been made before about online courses, because people can’t see the each other so they can’t make that first physical impression. Also, with asynchronous discussions people can express themselves and no one knows how long it takes to gather their thoughts and to write their post. Therefore in an online course it may be a little harder to define these groups unless you base it on who post first.
    Just thoughts,

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