Tish’s Week 8 Reflection and Reading

It is a great feeling to know we have completed our major project for this course.  I know the course is not over and we may have to tweak a few things in our group project, but I just want to say a big thank you for being part of a group who likes to stay ahead.  I learned a lot of new and exciting ideas to share with my online faculty and I did that today in our online faculty meeting  The meeting  was held in Bb Collaborate and I still had some online instructors who wanted to see me and the trainer f-2-f so they came in person.   I will have another one Monday night and they will both be recorded for the ones who could not be there. 


I also shared parts of the reading this week, especially from the article “Cybercoaching Rubrics, Feedback and Metacognition, Oh My!” on what a cybercoach does and the different assessments for the different situations.  All agree assessments must be related to course objectives; it is the way they are assessed sometimes that determines whether the objective was truly reached.  I am a big believer in feedback and this article gave examples of short cuts for instructors.  Another feature of Bb we use is the “Early Warning” in the grade center to give feedback to students.

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One Response to Tish’s Week 8 Reflection and Reading

  1. Kathi says:

    Excuse me, Tish, my memory of “Early Warning” is blank. Do I know this term in Blackboard?


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