Christine’s Week 8 Reading

So the reading for this week was actually something I was ahead of… then I forgot to post here.  Haha.  Story of my life!  Here are my thoughts…

The Self and Peer Assessment article (Chapman, Lester and Schofield, 2010) definitely had an interesting take on assessment.  I was not surprised at their finding that “the least decisive [member] in a group context tend to award more marks to their more decisive team members”.  As someone who sometimes struggles with making final decisions, I definitely appreciate group members that are able to make good calls and stick to them (Ahem, thanks, Jim!).  Also, this quote really stuck out to me:

“The more decisive subjects received higher marks from their peers, despite the absence of any video evidence that they had actually contributed more than their peers.  The most dominant extroverts appear to “do more” with respect to the physical operation of the mouse/keyboard and interaction with the visual simulation during the virtual-reality exercise.” (Chapman, Lester and Schofield, 2010)

Again, this is not surprising to me!  I know the more dominant personalities in f2f staff meetings sometimes come across as being more involved, even if their contribution isn’t the highest quality.  Hopefully my big mouth at meetings actually accomplishes something and doesn’t just give the appearance that I try to “do more”!

I thought the Clark article on coaching was interesting, and it kind of reminded me of the articles we have read about the online instructor becoming a facilitator.  Clark’s (2004) clarification that “… the focus of coaching in the classroom is on the process of giving feedback in order to develop performance before the final assessment” helped me draw the conclusion that what I do in my f2f classroom is really coaching as well!  And with the new Common Core State Standards (are you sick of hearing me talk about them yet?), giving feedback and helping students develop their thought processes is a huge focus.  Dr. Khalsa and Dr. Kay (6706) are both cyber-coaches, in my opinion.  Especially in 6706, I have been receiving a lot of feedback via email.  I also liked the feedback graphic on p.4 of the article… it’s an important visual reminder that feedback has to occur at every stage of supporting a student.

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One Response to Christine’s Week 8 Reading

  1. tish21 says:

    Great summaries on the articles and thanks for the reminders from past courses. I have tried to keep good notes from each course, because we have been told we will need them for the capstone. I have also tried to used what I have been learning as another way to keep the references current in this over-crowded mind of mine.

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