Christine’s Week 8 Reflection

Wow, how lucky am I to have such a great group?  I really can’t thank you guys enough for all your hard work.  It was so nice to have our project done early in the week instead of scrambling to get it finished.  Speaking of scrambling, WOW, am I behind on my 6706 Ch. 3 draft!  I may need to send my draft to you guys tonight for some hardcore peer editing.  Again, only have four students in the course makes it really difficult to get all the editing/commenting requirements in.  I feel like a loser student right now!

Yesterday I had professional development at school and intended to finish setting up my classroom, but when I walked in after the meeting it was torn apart.  There were literally five electricians in the room, one of who was standing on my desk messing with wires in the ceiling, and the other four of who were staring at what looked like a treasure map… they had also taken down about half of my ceiling panels and moved all my student desks.  ASDFLSKDJFL:KDJ!  Not to mention that yesterday was Cora’s birthday (3 years old!). 

Today is her birthday party, and we are hosting my parents who are in town to celebrate.  Oh yeah, and I need to feed my baby and sleep every once in awhile, too?  LOL.  Ok, I feel a little better now.  Again, THANK YOU for your support!  You guys rock. 🙂


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2 Responses to Christine’s Week 8 Reflection

  1. tish21 says:

    I am so glad you shared part of your life with us. It makes me remember the days . . . I have had some busy days this past week also. I love the picture of Cora and her shoes in her hand is just priceless, regardless of the reason. I can’t wait to hear about her party and the theme. I had all boys, so you can only imagine . . .
    I will watch for your email.

  2. kmyers7 says:

    Little girls, rock!! Our family is blessed to have 2 foreigners amongst a “team” of football/basketball-player boys. They range from 2-32 and the shortest at 6′ to 6’11”. Our little princesses are prissy, protected, and special. Your Cora seems just as celebrated as our darlings. Thanks for sharing her picture…she’s adorable. Any pix of the new baby?


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