Kathi’s Week 8 Reflections

Can it be true that we’ve just completed week 8 out of 10? I don’t know if I should feel relief or worry…? It’s only been a recent happening that my emotions are affected, mainly, by the “My Grades” section of my classes. Coming down the home stretch is like “all of it” for me, as I’m sure it is all of you, too.

Having this blog and our group to connect, relate, and revise with has been an awesome experience. Blogging has not been a part of my past but has proven to be a really great communication tool in my present.

Even though we don’t all have the same events or reactions during any one week, at some point in our memory, we’ve all experienced times where it makes relating to each others’ lives easier. Maybe the “misery loves company” saying has some truth, even though “misery” is a little loud on the negative tone, for me, still…I love the company of empathy that we feel for each others reflections.

Thank you all for being here, week after week, staying connected, caring, and supporting each of us in this group. I hope you all feel the support and encouragement that you’ve extended to me.


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