Jim’s Week 9 Reading

After recovering from not one but two root canals over two days, this has been a tough week!!!  I can’t begin to explain the pain, glad it’s over!  I did, however, have some time while laid up on the couch to read over some great material.  In this weeks reading, I really liked the Authentic Assessment Toolbox created by Jon Mueller.  This one was of particular interest simply because for much of the training I do, it’s all observable performance based so we often times will utilize “rubrics” as a method of evaluating students.  In fact, our state commission on peace officer standards and training utilizes rubrics in virtually every scenario based activity assessment.  We’ve found that it’s a great way to give keep our instructors on “the same page” when evaluating performance, and it gives our students a clear picture of the performance expectations.

I had a mentor that helped me through an instructor development program that often preached “what does good look like” in hopes that I would solidify in my own mind what I wanted to see from my students, then be able to put that down on paper so that I could clearly see it.  I found this cool website that offers an easy method of creating rubrics, and it has some that others have posted to share:


I’m looking forward to our final week!!!



About leadingcops

Greetings! I am a 20 year law enforcement veteran, with most of my time spent training peace officers. I started in patrol and have worked a range of assignments, including Internal Affairs and Risk Management before I took over as commander of our regional academy program. Please let me know if there is anything I can assist with during this class!
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2 Responses to Jim’s Week 9 Reading

  1. Kathi says:


    I’m so sorry to hear about your dental ordeal. After reading all the emails that we’ve shot back and forth this week, your determination to complete and succeed in your classes is obvious. Thanks for posting this great link!! Here’s to a great Grand Finale Week!!!


  2. tish21 says:

    I cannot believe you have had not one but two root canals and you have kept up with all the course work.
    I hope you have good pain meds. Take care and don’t eat anything real hot or cold.
    You are a true team player.

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