Tish’s Week 9 – REALLY ??

Week 9 is winding down and I am not sure I am ready!  The first week of class here at work is always busy with long hours and lots of phone calls from confused students and instructors.  We try hard every semester with (we think) a better plan,  more training for instructors, better information for students but there will always be some who don’t read, listen, or watch the videos provided.  Some just need that true human touch to get them into class and help with the first assignment.

I read through all 3 articles and I used rubrics and different types of assessments in my math course.  There are concepts of math that students in a remedial course have to accomplish, but there various ways to assess them.  I try to find assessment activities that require the student to use the math concept we are working on in a real world situation.

I found a picture of 3 of the 4 boys taken at Christmas.

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2 Responses to Tish’s Week 9 – REALLY ??

  1. tish21 says:

    You are too funny, and they look more like their father (Bubba) than me.

  2. Kathi says:

    Ok, Tish…when you post a great picture of “Bubba-wanna-be’s”, how am I supposed to remember what you said about evaluations of developmental math? My cognitive challenges must be kickin’ in …LOL. I’m evaluating your 3 boys in light of your profile picture. They all have a thread of “Mama” running through them and are very handsome. Now when you talk about helping one move, etc., I can put faces with who you’re talking about.

    Thanks for the picture and I’ll re-read your carefully-thought-out posting (I’m sure).


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