Kathi’s Week 9 Reading Summary

This week, I had a little difficulty within myself regarding the suggested reading material for Unit 9. I guess the rebellious little “mouthy kid” rises up inside regarding federally mandated issues about Education, and specifically, requirements using assessments that encompass ALL students (severely challenged and obnoxiously gifted). Since the US Dept of Education didn’t ask my opinion before making their requirements, I’ll have to just use this forum to vent. IMO (in my opinion), they are requiring educators to evaluate apples AND oranges to get a “true” picture of cognitive retention of learning…totally ridiculous. Since y’all know my skepticism about using numbers to drive home an opinionated agenda, I will leave that portion of my venting alone. The article, “Alternate Assessment:
Have We Learned Anything New?” is what troubled and taught me. I don’t see how including all levels of disabled students together with functional students can give any true average of anything. I know I’m opening myself to other strong opinions, and that’s great. I’d love to hear thoughts on this topic…it’s not about how right I am….just honest and, admittedly, inexperienced. Anyone wanna touch this?


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