Kathi’s Week 9 Reflections

This week feels like, personally, we each encountered unexpected events…some painful (Jim) and some inevitable (me). I received a wedding invitation in the mail from my son’s girlfriend. I knew that they had been dating for awhile (never long enough..LOL) and opened up the envelope to see 4 recent pictures beaming at me. Keep in mind that it’s been almost a year since I’ve seen him and they will be married on Nov. 24th (Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend). The realization that my only “Baby” is a man-wanna-be overwhelmed me, and of course, had to call and squeel/cry/laugh on the phone and RSVP with “Are you kidding me right now?” I wouldn’t miss this event any more than Commencement in June (hint hint)…both are, definitely, a “go”.

So, all personal issues aside (doesn’t leave much left for academics, sorry) I’m 4ging Ahead and looking forward to finishing strong with y’all during our Grand Finale Week next week…Here’s to y’all!! The greatest team of the world!!!


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One Response to Kathi’s Week 9 Reflections

  1. tish21 says:

    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding of your son and the acquiring of a daughter in law. It will be an exciting next couple of months for you.

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