Kathi’s Week 8 Reflections

Can it be true that we’ve just completed week 8 out of 10? I don’t know if I should feel relief or worry…? It’s only been a recent happening that my emotions are affected, mainly, by the “My Grades” section of my classes. Coming down the home stretch is like “all of it” for me, as I’m sure it is all of you, too.

Having this blog and our group to connect, relate, and revise with has been an awesome experience. Blogging has not been a part of my past but has proven to be a really great communication tool in my present.

Even though we don’t all have the same events or reactions during any one week, at some point in our memory, we’ve all experienced times where it makes relating to each others’ lives easier. Maybe the “misery loves company” saying has some truth, even though “misery” is a little loud on the negative tone, for me, still…I love the company of empathy that we feel for each others reflections.

Thank you all for being here, week after week, staying connected, caring, and supporting each of us in this group. I hope you all feel the support and encouragement that you’ve extended to me.


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This blog does not like me today

I am logged in, but all my post are anonymous.

I had to change browsers. !!!

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Christine’s Week 8 Reflection

Wow, how lucky am I to have such a great group?  I really can’t thank you guys enough for all your hard work.  It was so nice to have our project done early in the week instead of scrambling to get it finished.  Speaking of scrambling, WOW, am I behind on my 6706 Ch. 3 draft!  I may need to send my draft to you guys tonight for some hardcore peer editing.  Again, only have four students in the course makes it really difficult to get all the editing/commenting requirements in.  I feel like a loser student right now!

Yesterday I had professional development at school and intended to finish setting up my classroom, but when I walked in after the meeting it was torn apart.  There were literally five electricians in the room, one of who was standing on my desk messing with wires in the ceiling, and the other four of who were staring at what looked like a treasure map… they had also taken down about half of my ceiling panels and moved all my student desks.  ASDFLSKDJFL:KDJ!  Not to mention that yesterday was Cora’s birthday (3 years old!). 

Today is her birthday party, and we are hosting my parents who are in town to celebrate.  Oh yeah, and I need to feed my baby and sleep every once in awhile, too?  LOL.  Ok, I feel a little better now.  Again, THANK YOU for your support!  You guys rock. 🙂


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Christine’s Week 8 Reading

So the reading for this week was actually something I was ahead of… then I forgot to post here.  Haha.  Story of my life!  Here are my thoughts…

The Self and Peer Assessment article (Chapman, Lester and Schofield, 2010) definitely had an interesting take on assessment.  I was not surprised at their finding that “the least decisive [member] in a group context tend to award more marks to their more decisive team members”.  As someone who sometimes struggles with making final decisions, I definitely appreciate group members that are able to make good calls and stick to them (Ahem, thanks, Jim!).  Also, this quote really stuck out to me:

“The more decisive subjects received higher marks from their peers, despite the absence of any video evidence that they had actually contributed more than their peers.  The most dominant extroverts appear to “do more” with respect to the physical operation of the mouse/keyboard and interaction with the visual simulation during the virtual-reality exercise.” (Chapman, Lester and Schofield, 2010)

Again, this is not surprising to me!  I know the more dominant personalities in f2f staff meetings sometimes come across as being more involved, even if their contribution isn’t the highest quality.  Hopefully my big mouth at meetings actually accomplishes something and doesn’t just give the appearance that I try to “do more”!

I thought the Clark article on coaching was interesting, and it kind of reminded me of the articles we have read about the online instructor becoming a facilitator.  Clark’s (2004) clarification that “… the focus of coaching in the classroom is on the process of giving feedback in order to develop performance before the final assessment” helped me draw the conclusion that what I do in my f2f classroom is really coaching as well!  And with the new Common Core State Standards (are you sick of hearing me talk about them yet?), giving feedback and helping students develop their thought processes is a huge focus.  Dr. Khalsa and Dr. Kay (6706) are both cyber-coaches, in my opinion.  Especially in 6706, I have been receiving a lot of feedback via email.  I also liked the feedback graphic on p.4 of the article… it’s an important visual reminder that feedback has to occur at every stage of supporting a student.

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Tish’s Week 8 Reflection and Reading

It is a great feeling to know we have completed our major project for this course.  I know the course is not over and we may have to tweak a few things in our group project, but I just want to say a big thank you for being part of a group who likes to stay ahead.  I learned a lot of new and exciting ideas to share with my online faculty and I did that today in our online faculty meeting  The meeting  was held in Bb Collaborate and I still had some online instructors who wanted to see me and the trainer f-2-f so they came in person.   I will have another one Monday night and they will both be recorded for the ones who could not be there. 


I also shared parts of the reading this week, especially from the article “Cybercoaching Rubrics, Feedback and Metacognition, Oh My!” on what a cybercoach does and the different assessments for the different situations.  All agree assessments must be related to course objectives; it is the way they are assessed sometimes that determines whether the objective was truly reached.  I am a big believer in feedback and this article gave examples of short cuts for instructors.  Another feature of Bb we use is the “Early Warning” in the grade center to give feedback to students.

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Jim’s Week 8 Reading

Well, first things first, thank goodness the final is (for the most part I hope) behind us!!!  It was an interesting project and I learned quite a bit from it.  This weeks readings were pretty interesting to me on the subject of assessments.  Admittedly when I think about assessments I think about testing.  When I looked at the image posted by Dr. Datta (the Learning about Student Learning) from Portland State, I thought about all the other ways we assess, particularly in the online world.  We can assess through reading discussion posts, posing follow up questions, introducing new concepts for feedback, and using traditional project methods.  Really, I think as instructors we assess constantly.

With regard to student peer assessment, I found the video/discussion with Ed Lester interesting.  Quite frankly, I never knew before now such a study on group interaction had been done.  Using the Myers-Briggs test to measure decisiveness as it related to the time in taking the test was an interesting approach, and even more interesting was the finding that perceived decisive students were rated higher by their peers, despite any evidence in actually contributing more to the group effort.

I think it will take some time to let this all “soak in” and figure out just how it might apply in my class, but the dynamic of group work has been very interesting to me.  I am intrigued about the “decisiveness” factor here, as some of this will relate to my own course since I am focusing on some leadership attributes as well….


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Kathi’s Week 8 Reading Summary

This week’s reading on assessment stereotyping (my interpretation) with the accompanying statistics on extrovert/introvert behaviors, really puzzled me. First of all, I don’t “do” any type of profiling people by their looks, thinking, behavior, anything. In my opinion, statistics can prove any point wanting to be made. A perfect example of this is from the article where (paraphrased) putting three extroverts in a situation results the same as three introverts….go figure that. I’m sure that assessments are important, but, to me, only factors in the scope of an online course with great suspicion. In my past experience with online students, testing of any kind may result in “test-daze”…blanking out the knowledge they truly had.

The articles were interesting and worth the read, for sure.


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