Week 4 Reading

Kathi’s Week 4 Reading Summary

Posted on July 19, 2012 by

The theme of “Virtual Teambuilders Blog” is exceptionally interesting to me. The topics that are featured are very relevant, insightful, and thought-provoking. In building virtual teams, the signs of a disengaged member are vitally important. When the goal is a cohesive, enthusiastic unit collaborating together toward different objectives, seeing the signs of a possible obstacle could be of paramount importance.

Another great section on this blog is the beginning, important points about facilitating a virtual meeting. Topics like facilitating time zone differences, maintaining eye contact, planning for obstacles, etc. All together, this blog is packed with great references for future use and implementation.


Tish’s week 4 Reading

I listened to the Virtual Choir and it was amazing and after that YouTube other ones with Eric Whitacre were listed and I listened to them.  This is an awesome use of asynchronous collaboration that truly “steps out of the box.”

I also read “How the Web changes Work, Education, and the Ways People Learn.”  It is a great article that I could relate some of our training concepts using Bb Collaborate.  I liked the fact that they used 15 year olds, I usually get our office student work studies to go through our training manuals before we sent them out.  I also liked that the article stated to relate what you training as a story using the Xerox example.  We try to make associations with our training and how an instructor or student can use the content in a real scenario.  The conclusion is what we want our online community to be a “using technology to support relationships between individuals.”


2 Responses to Week 4 Reading

  1. Kathi says:

    I love the focus of building collaborative relationships using technology. That sense of community closeness can’t be overstated, for sure. Holmes is fortunate to have you in the management capacity that you function, Tish. What a difference there would be if all administrators were as passionate and determined to learn the technology, initially, and implement new skills to build online collaboration/community in their online classes. You’ve stated, before, that you actually train your instructors Bb Collaborate by using it. What a concept!!

    Thanks for your thoughts,


  2. Christine says:

    I loved the virtual choir, too! What an awesome use of online collaboration!

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