Tish’s Reflections

Week 2:

My reflections for this week concerning the forming of our group and working with a Blog and Wiki run a range of very mixed reactions. The forming of our group, Cozy Group 2, was very easy and direct, with a couple of email request, we were a group. Our group is impressive the way everyone is very responsive to emails and discussion board post, and different teammates volunteering for roles and or responsibilities, making the workload very even. The frustration began with the work to be completed on the Blog. We were all confused about permission issues and how to customize our Blog and wiki. After Jim was able to give access to the Blog it is taking shape. We made most of our decisions in the group discussion board and then implemented into the group Blog. We are working to make heading for each of our Blog post, but we will conquer that challenge also.
From the article I chose to read, it is great to learn together,

Week 3:

Tish’s reflection of Week 3
This has been a very stressful week for me. I have felt behind the curve all week. I had a great learning experience in New Orleans attending Blackboard World 2012 Conference this week but it was very frustrating being at a “techie” conference and the Internet connection was so spotty. I guess there were so many people trying to access the service this was causing a lot of the problems. Also at our hotel, they were also having technical problems and I think we overloaded their system at night. I had to submit discussion board post and other assignments several times because of losing Internet connection. I also went to the other groups’ blogs and when I tried to post and let them know how great their blog was, it required me to set up an account. I could not keep an Internet connection long enough to do that.

On to brighter things . . . I was honored to be accepted to co-present a session for Bb Collaborate, and we were inducted into Bb Collaborate’s Hall of Fame this year. Also, I was fortunate to hear Curtis Bonk in person. He was one of the featured them sessions at Bb World. It was awesome to hear someone we had read and discuss in class.
I will get caught up, now that I am back in my comfort zone of reliable connectivity . . . .

Week 4 Reflections:

The week was less stressful than last because I was back home and in my working “comfort zone” for these 2 courses.  It is my quiet office with 2 monitors and my virtual partner that I “Skype” with to keep me on track.

My stress came from my job this week because it is the last week of the summer term for our online courses and we have 4 proctoring centers running from 8 am until 8 pm.  We have had bad thunder storms most of the week and our electricity “blinked” a lot and that meant a lot of reset test, which in turn produces nervous, stressed out students.  Monday is the last day of exams !!!

I enjoyed the articles from this week because most of them have items that I can use in my course and pass on to my faculty.  Also the video was awesome and I will use it in my fall faculty meeting.

Tish’s week 5 reflection
Posted on July 27, 2012 by tish21

Week 5 reflection.

Ok, writing an article for someone else to read is way out of my comfort zone, but I am passionate about what my eLearning office is doing with Bb Collaborate and that made writing the article a lot easier. Once I started writing it was hard to stay focused on just one area that we use the product. I am proud we won an award at Bb world for our efforts for using the product, but it was a team effort of my office. Bb Collaborate and Bb IM are very user friendly and the way they are pre-set in the course, so that there is very little for the instructor or the student to do to start the initial connection and we feel this contributes a lot to its success.

I enjoyed the readings this week, but I have felt rushed to get both class assignments finished before the weekend because of family obligations. Just so you will not think I fell off the earth – – My 4 sisters have chosen this weekend for us to start dividing our parents “stuff”. My father died last year, my mother died 3 years ago and I live next door but my 4 sisters do not and they have not taken the time to come back so we can go through our parents “stuff.” This will be a very long and emotional couple of days for all of us, so I have tried to get all of my work – work done and my school work done, and not have any of that to worry about. Thanks for listening.

Tish’s week 6 Reflection and reading

Posted on August 4, 2012 by

There are no words to describe the heart felt support I have received from my team members this week.  I just have to say “Y’all are the best” and I could not have managed all the balls in the air this week if it had not been for your support.  The sisters are still here, but when your parents lived in the same house for 49 of their 54 years of marriage, there was and is a lot of stuff to sort.  Thankfully the sisters have to go home Monday, so things can get back to a fairly normal routine.

We have used Sloan Consortium articles for best practice for our training sessions and we have used their course evaluation tool with some modifications to evaluate our online courses.  In one of the articles I read “Strong Faculty Engagement in Online Learning APLU Reports” it discussed factors that concern faculty such as acceptance online classes as a wave of the future but expressing their concerns about student support services.  It showed that money was not the main reason faculty agreed to teach an online course but it was to reach a group of students who otherwise would not be able to take the course.  This article also listed as the two main barriers for instructor in teaching online courses were the additional effort to develop and teach the online course and concerns about the acceptance of online education.

Week 7

I have really learned a lot this week from our research for our project and the articles we have read for the “Futuristic Thinking”.  After reading Papert’s article, I could relate it to several articles and speakers I have heard in the last few years.  Papert thinking was ahead of his time then and now that students may not see the value in education now as they did in the past, because of the ever changing job market of skills needed for jobs.  Students also demand to be taught differently now because of the exposure to technology and instructors and institutions have got to understand these changes.

Also, I learned a lot from the discussion board this week from all the links and YouTubes everyone was sharing.  This class has really turned into a virtual learning community.

When working on our project this week, Jim sent an email that said something like “ if I don’t hear from you guys at least once a day, I feel disconnected” so I know we have connected more virtually than any f-2-f classmates would have.  We have a great project and I am proud of the product we are producing.

Thanks team members,


Tish’s Week 8 Reflection and Reading

Posted on August 17, 2012 by

It is a great feeling to know we have completed our major project for this course.  I know the course is not over and we may have to tweak a few things in our group project, but I just want to say a big thank you for being part of a group who likes to stay ahead.  I learned a lot of new and exciting ideas to share with my online faculty and I did that today in our online faculty meeting  The meeting  was held in Bb Collaborate and I still had some online instructors who wanted to see me and the trainer f-2-f so they came in person.   I will have another one Monday night and they will both be recorded for the ones who could not be there.

I also shared parts of the reading this week, especially from the article “Cybercoaching Rubrics, Feedback and Metacognition, Oh My!” on what a cybercoach does and the different assessments for the different situations.  All agree assessments must be related to course objectives; it is the way they are assessed sometimes that determines whether the objective was truly reached.  I am a big believer in feedback and this article gave examples of short cuts for instructors.  Another feature of Bb we use is the “Early Warning” in the grade center to give feedback to students.


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  1. tish21 says:

    Tish, quite exciting news. I can’t imagine being at a techie conference where the tech connections are weak – how embarrassing for Blackboard. Hope you met the finish line this week happy and satisfied. Congratulations on your Bb Collaborate accomplishments! Can’t wait to hear more about how this will affect your learning and the learning of others. Perhaps this is the topic for your midterm…and you most likely know where it could be published. ~ Datta Kaur

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