Jim’s Week 9 Wrap-Up

Thanks again to my teammates for helping to wrap this week up!  I’m looking forward to seeing where we are on the final!  I finally got back to “normal” after I had my second root canal done!  Speaking as someone who’s been pretty religious about going to the dentist regularly, I was shocked after not having a single cavity for over 5 years… Stranger things have happened?  Hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon!  This week I’ve been finishing up on this course and 6780, looking forward to the final days and the new classes starting.

During our break, my wife, Julie, and I will be heading to Maine for a week.  I’m on a family history hunting trip, and I’m also teaching an instructor development course for 3 days at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  A bit nervous, but looking forward to a new chapter in teaching.  This program has helped tremendously in that regard.

Other than that, life is good.  Today is my middle daughter, Keeley, 12th birthday.  Happy birthday sweetie!!!

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Final Project Update

Hey gang,

I took the liberty of requesting a professional review of by an instructor in this OTL program prior to final submission. Seriously, the only recommendation that was made, was to check all end punctuation and get rid of 2 spaces after the periods. We received rave reviews that I wanted to pass along. The way I received this review was in a format that won’t let me copy/paste for your viewing, sorry. I hate it when pro’s know how to keep their comments private and hinder copying.

I thought y’all would appreciate this info.


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Kathi’s Week 9 Reflections

This week feels like, personally, we each encountered unexpected events…some painful (Jim) and some inevitable (me). I received a wedding invitation in the mail from my son’s girlfriend. I knew that they had been dating for awhile (never long enough..LOL) and opened up the envelope to see 4 recent pictures beaming at me. Keep in mind that it’s been almost a year since I’ve seen him and they will be married on Nov. 24th (Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend). The realization that my only “Baby” is a man-wanna-be overwhelmed me, and of course, had to call and squeel/cry/laugh on the phone and RSVP with “Are you kidding me right now?” I wouldn’t miss this event any more than Commencement in June (hint hint)…both are, definitely, a “go”.

So, all personal issues aside (doesn’t leave much left for academics, sorry) I’m 4ging Ahead and looking forward to finishing strong with y’all during our Grand Finale Week next week…Here’s to y’all!! The greatest team of the world!!!


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Kathi’s Week 9 Reading Summary

This week, I had a little difficulty within myself regarding the suggested reading material for Unit 9. I guess the rebellious little “mouthy kid” rises up inside regarding federally mandated issues about Education, and specifically, requirements using assessments that encompass ALL students (severely challenged and obnoxiously gifted). Since the US Dept of Education didn’t ask my opinion before making their requirements, I’ll have to just use this forum to vent. IMO (in my opinion), they are requiring educators to evaluate apples AND oranges to get a “true” picture of cognitive retention of learning…totally ridiculous. Since y’all know my skepticism about using numbers to drive home an opinionated agenda, I will leave that portion of my venting alone. The article, “Alternate Assessment:
Have We Learned Anything New?” is what troubled and taught me. I don’t see how including all levels of disabled students together with functional students can give any true average of anything. I know I’m opening myself to other strong opinions, and that’s great. I’d love to hear thoughts on this topic…it’s not about how right I am….just honest and, admittedly, inexperienced. Anyone wanna touch this?


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Tish’s Week 9 – REALLY ??

Week 9 is winding down and I am not sure I am ready!  The first week of class here at work is always busy with long hours and lots of phone calls from confused students and instructors.  We try hard every semester with (we think) a better plan,  more training for instructors, better information for students but there will always be some who don’t read, listen, or watch the videos provided.  Some just need that true human touch to get them into class and help with the first assignment.

I read through all 3 articles and I used rubrics and different types of assessments in my math course.  There are concepts of math that students in a remedial course have to accomplish, but there various ways to assess them.  I try to find assessment activities that require the student to use the math concept we are working on in a real world situation.

I found a picture of 3 of the 4 boys taken at Christmas.

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Jim’s Week 9 Reading

After recovering from not one but two root canals over two days, this has been a tough week!!!  I can’t begin to explain the pain, glad it’s over!  I did, however, have some time while laid up on the couch to read over some great material.  In this weeks reading, I really liked the Authentic Assessment Toolbox created by Jon Mueller.  This one was of particular interest simply because for much of the training I do, it’s all observable performance based so we often times will utilize “rubrics” as a method of evaluating students.  In fact, our state commission on peace officer standards and training utilizes rubrics in virtually every scenario based activity assessment.  We’ve found that it’s a great way to give keep our instructors on “the same page” when evaluating performance, and it gives our students a clear picture of the performance expectations.

I had a mentor that helped me through an instructor development program that often preached “what does good look like” in hopes that I would solidify in my own mind what I wanted to see from my students, then be able to put that down on paper so that I could clearly see it.  I found this cool website that offers an easy method of creating rubrics, and it has some that others have posted to share:


I’m looking forward to our final week!!!


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Jim’s Week 8

Week 9 is upon us!!!  Wow it’s gone fast.  I just registered for my last two classes this week 🙂  For me, this week has been all about making sure everything I need to get done is getting done, it seems sometimes assignments are hard to keep track of with two classes!  I’m also working hard finishing up some of the minute details in my supervisor course, coming down to the wire!!!

On another note, this has been a tough weekend, I’ve been laid up all weekend with an icepack on my mouth because of a nasty toothache, so I’m headed to the dentist in the morning!  Said it before and I will say it again, you guys have been tremendous throughout the whole program, and I hope we can team up during the next classes!  Ok, back to the icepack for me…thought I would leave you with a photo of my doggie who hasn’t been leaving my side.  She found a cool place to lay today!

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